I.A.C.R. Election

I am standing for election as a Board Member


I have served the IACR in a variety of roles since 1990, most recently as President (retiring in 2007). I considered myself privileged to have been appointed an IACR Fellow in 2010. Following a break from Board duties I would like to support the Association again during what I believe to be an important time in its development; in particular I shall help spread the increasing workload on Board members such as the Treasurer (who now has to support and financially manage three conferences and four workshops).

I understand how IACR works and have been proud to help steer it through many changes over the years. I believe that the continued growth of the Association's activities must be handled carefully to make sure that we stay true to our founding principles.

In particular, I am keen to ensure that Asiacrypt continues to broaden IACR membership in new territories and organisations and I will take an active interest in supporting the Asiacrypt Steering Committee to achieve this objective.

I believe that I can serve the Association well if elected for many good reasons including:

Proven Track Record and Experience

I am proud to have been a member of IACR since 1987, to have served on the Board from 1990 and been an Officer of the Association from 1995 to 2007. I have substantial experience in the way that the Association runs and have listened to feedback from members and used my influence to ensure it has continued to promote research in cryptology and serve its members.

Forward Thinking

With the imminent enhancement of our information systems infrastructure I shall seek to ensure that we further enhance our online systems to support our members, and promote research into cryptology.

I have worked as part of the team responsible for negotiating our contracts with Springer-Verlag in the past. I will bring that experience to assist in future negotiations surrounding both the Journal of Cryptology and our conference proceedings to ensure that our members' research will be available for all interested parties in the most efficient, open, timely and usable form.

I hope to do more to enable all our historical work to be made available freely on-line to ensure that such high quality reference material is available to all researchers in the field in perpetuity through our own ePrint and online archives.


I am proud to have assisted with the growth of IACR and I am proud of the organisation that we are today. If elected, I shall use my best efforts to ensure that, as we continue to grow, we retain our high standards of professionalism and integrity.

I will work hard to promote the Association and the interests of our members. In doing so I hope to see an increase in membership of our Association from new and emerging research centres and countries.

I shall continue to do my best to promote the goals and objectives of the Association to the best of my ability.



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